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I started collecting cameras 20 years ago,when I discovered Picardy. Living here for over 16 years now, I have taken the real measure of the First World War. From my native Brittany, my only knowledge about it came from movies or books such as "All quiet on the western front". My family has had the rare chance of not being wounded in the flesh by this war. When you reach Picardy, you are quickly stunned by the number of large cemeteries of all nationalities, mainly from countries of the former British Empire, and even more so when you realize that every municipality in its own civilian cemetery has a military section.

I had the opportunity to have some of the www.collection-appareils.fr users visit the region that extends from the east of Amiens to the south of Calais: Villers-Bretonneux, Thiepval , Pozieres, Albert, La Boisselle.I think they will get my point.

2014 will see the centenary commemorations of the beginning of this appalling slaughter. In my own way, and with your help, I would like to commemorate the soldiers and civilians of all nationalities who have been the victims of the huge egos of those who then governed and rushed the world into a conflict that lasted for more than four years.

How ?

It's very easy ! We will create a collective photo album on the subject all together ...
Anyone will be able to:

  • add photos* or old postcards
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  • view them in "album" mode, slideshow or series
  • use a multi-criteria search engine
  • add a photo of the same place these days
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* From original material,contemporary with the events. No reproductions from books or pictures borrowed from other websites. No over-printed pictures.